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FAQ’s / Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the link below to read our FAQ’S.

If your question is not answered here, please contact your institute’s representative, who should be able to provide you with the necessary information.

Download TDK FAQ’s: TDK_FAQ_2023.pdf

TDK Conference - Scientific Student Association Conference

Volunteering to participate in activities beyond the curriculum is an integral part of university life for students. TDK is not just a single conference but is part of a longer process and a larger movement. Often a student will come across an aspect of their studies which they wish to study in more depth. With their teacher’s support, this can be carried out within the framework of TDK. The process of writing an academic research paper for TDK often starts with an idea from paper or project written for class, or even whilst working on a thesis. It continues with the supervision of a teacher and culminates in an intensive collaboration between the supervising teacher and the student(s), and is later graded, evaluated and published.

TDK papers are evaluated and awards presented at the annual Scientific Student Association Conference organised by the university in the autumn semester. (This usually occurs in mid-November with papers due by early November.) Students present and defend their work in front of a board of renowned academics, teachers and fellow students. Conference boards are organised according to discipline. The conference provides an opportunity for dedicated students to discuss and defend their academic research in both written and oral rounds.

The evaluation and ranking of the academic research papers is a complex process and prizes are awarded to the authors of first, second and third places at an award-giving ceremony. The most outstanding students are given the opportunity to participate and present their papers at the biennial OTDK, National Conference of Scientific Students Associations. Student’s participation and ranking in TDK will be taken into consideration in scholarship and grant selection processes as well as when applying to travel or study abroad and can have many additional benefits. The TDK movement provides a strong, well-founded foundation which supports promising academics.

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